Twist of the throttlle

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Damn, the video wont work in my area. Suppose there are some downsides to
living this side of the pond!!


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          I find the history and the manufacturing clips to be fascinating. 
Big difference in automation between the Japs and MV Agusta. Those Japanese
workers are really hustling as the bike moves down the line. The MV seems
more handcrafted - heating the head to insert valve guides etc.
      I think they gave Kawasaki short shrift though - no mention of the
KLR, yet several sections they spend on the Goldwing. Didn't realize Kawi
motorcyles started in 1960.. They've come a long way in short time.
Also to see Kawi and Suzuki both claiming to have the most powerful
production bike ZX14 vs GSXR but we know the truth. Also Beemer and ?? both
claiming to have the 1st production disc brake when in fact I don't think it
was either.
    Must be a bummer to have those guys jobs though  - to be paid to tour
the world  M/C factories and being forced to ride those bikes around those
tracks and the Alps..

    Pete S

> Interesting Pete, thanks for sharing.
> Charles S.
>>Interesting stuff - didn't realize some of the Jap bikes companies 
>>were formed  so recently - just thought they didn't bother exporting 
>>til the 60's

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