It's ... it's ... BLUE?!

Drew Blanchard drewblanchard at
Sun Jun 7 16:04:29 PDT 2009

After a long search, I finally found a GpZ to replace my long lost '95.  
I discovered this incredibly well maintained specimen in Fort 
Washington, PA.  I've been in contact with the owner for several months, 
and, finally, the stars aligned last week to make the deal happen.  So, 
my wife and I made the 6.5 hour drive from our home in Vermont to the 
suburbs of Philadelphia.

And there it was: a like new '96, owned by a fanatic.  Only 4,600 
miles.  Yes, it's blue (House of Color Hotrod Flat Blue, to be more 
precise).  I was more than a little hesitant about the color, but I'm 
happy to say the picture really don't do it justice.  The color looks 
washed out in most photos, so I'll have to wait for a clear, sunny day 
to try to capture the real image.  In person, it's an amazingly 
beautiful medium, flat metallic blue, with black striping along the tank 
and tail (not tape, but actual paint).  Paint job is really top notch.  
All infill panels, the mirrors, even the undertray and the inside of the 
fairings have been painted flat black, which perfectly matches the full 
tank bra.  Really, really exceptional work.  Note the "old school" 
emblem on the front fairing.   Again, the pictures really don't do this 
justice.  This thing's gorgeous.

New Dunlop Sportmax tires all around, original GpZ hard luggage, Vance 
and Hines SS2R full system with stage 2 jet kit (retains stock airbox) 
and the original stock exhaust pieces all included.  Priced at $3,995, I 
couldn't afford to pass it up.

Riding the bike 400 miles home was everything I'd hoped for. Unlike the 
Triumph Super III you can see in the background, this bike was 
everything I'd always wanted and more.  The Super III was lust at first 
sight  but really isn't the right bike for me.  Amazing piece of work 
(and one of only 125 imported to the US), but the big GpZ is a better 
fit.  Which, by the way, means the Super III is for sale...

More to follow, but today is my birthday, so after spending 6 hours 
detailing the new toy/birthday present in my garage (damn rain) it's now 
time to relax with well earned beverage and a  huge smile.

In case photos don't go through, check them out on my Flickr account 

Drew in VT
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