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Tue Jun 9 19:01:32 PDT 2009

Do they make any that will fit my strom??

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>   Quite a few guys on the ZX12 website have been putting these on their 
> bikes
>   and revues have been great. Long lasting, stick well and nice price. In
>   fact, they are going to be my next tire purchase.
>   Dave B
>   schnowz wrote:
>     Your Scottish heritage should appreciate this..just ordered a set of
>     Skinko's 009 Raven from
>     [1]
>     $165 for both frt and rear with free shipping.
>     Made in Korea
>     If you don't hear from me again they were a piece of crap..
>     Pete S
>     I can't remember the names of the large mail order bike outlets in the 
>     and I need a front tire.  Anyone send me the names of a couple.
>     Jim
> References
>   1.

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