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<<1.  I noticed my "new" '96 is designated as a ZX1100E2.  My old '95 was
a ZX1100E1.  Why the different model number?  Is there really that much
difference between the 2 years?  I didn't notice anything different when
going over my new blue toy with a fine toothed comb, but it's also been
10 years since I last owned a GpZ.>>

E1 and E2 are just the year designations, nothing more.

<<2.  I've noticed a very slight head shake at lower speeds.  Barely
perceptible.   Keeping one finger on the bars is enough to quell it, but
taking my hands off around 35 - 35 immediately produces significant
wagging.  This /*may*/ have happened on my '95 as well, but I don't
remember clearly (hit on the head too many times).  Is this a sign of
head bearing or tire balance issues (or maybe alignment)?  Everything
seems tight.  Running to higher speeds and taking my hands off the bars
shows no problem until speed drops to 45 m.p.h.  This does not happen
with any of my other bikes (the Super III or the wife's Shadow 500).>>

Sounds like head bearings but you wqould have  to check to make sure. get 
the front end off teh ground somehow and pull on the tire front to rear for 
play. If you have any, replace teh head bearings. Mine had bad ones at 10K 
miles when I bought it.

<<3.  Previous owner installed Dunlop Sport Max tires, which have about
600 miles on them.  I've never run these tires, but I like what they're
doing so far.  Anyone else run these?  Any idea what kind of mileage I
can expect?  I normally run Michelin RoadSmarts on the Triumph, ran Avon
Azarros on my '95 and like the mileage/handling combo in both 

I've never used these tires. I tend to stick with Bridgestone so I can't 
help you there

Drew in VT

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