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Ian Westlake ianwestlake at btopenworld.com
Sun Jun 14 14:20:26 PDT 2009

Have to agree with Ped that it's not uncommon but rarely a problem as  
long as you don't let go of the bars. This may be a bit too obvious as  
well but front tire pressure is also crucial. I can always tell when  
my front needs checking cos the bars start to wag a little as  
described, especially when the tire is getting worn.
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On 14 Jun 2009, at 16:34, Drew Blanchard <drewblanchard at gmavt.net>  
> 2.  I've noticed a very slight head shake at lower speeds.  Barely  
> perceptible.   Keeping one finger on the bars is enough to quell it,  
> but taking my hands

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