National Ride to work day

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I think that I would like to see talking or texting while driving lumped
into the "Impaired" category. I've been almost "taken out" on two
occasions by drivers using cell phones and there have been countless
other times when I've had to take quick evasive action.

According to a U of Toronto study the risk of accident while driving and
engaged on a cell phone is the same as impaired by alcohol.

The law when enacted (and it's just a matter of time) would probably
only apply to hand held devices and according to the study the risk is
the same (hand held or hands free). I would prefer top see the driver
with the cell, because at least I know to expect something stupid.

Oddly it doesn't carry the same stigma. I just wonder if a MADD mother
would care if her kid was killed by a drunk or someone on a cell. The
kid would be just as dead the family would still have the same lifetime
of heartache.

I guess you all saw the video of the bus driver in LA texting right up
to the time he rear ended an SUV. I guess he's not driving anymore! And
then there was the train driver.....


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Glad you're OK.  Hope your car's not too bad.  I heard the other day
that there are over 4,000 accidents per day here in the US due to
drivers talking or texting on their cell phones.  


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