National Ride to work day

William K. Denton wkdenton at
Wed Jun 17 06:30:42 PDT 2009

   Distracted,  as in "she hit me from the rear while I was at a complete
   standstill". Who cares what the distraction was... cellphone, texting,
   eating, being eaten, etc...
   Bill in Yardley, PA
   wkdenton at
   Jun 17, 2009 08:33:56 AM, art.robinson at wrote:
   "Distracted" like on her phone no doubt? I hope her insurance goes a
   mile high!
   Art in TO
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   I'm sorry to report that I did not ride a motorcycle to work yesterday.
   I'm glad to report that I was not on a motorcycle yesterday when I was
   rear-ended at a stop light by a distracted bitch in a Ford Focus.
   Bill Denton
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