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Fri Jun 26 16:12:42 PDT 2009

   I have heard the same thing about the bearings. In fact, was considering
   buying a spare set to bring along just in case.
   Think I'll probably go with the heavy duty folding trailer from Harbor
   Freight. It has the 12" wheels and is in stock at the local store. Plus I
   have a 20% off coupon which should bring the price down to about $270. Wish
   I could afford a nice enclosed trailer, but have to make do with what I can
   Dave B
   The Masons wrote:

     I have a couple of these trailers.  One a utility trailer for hauling a
     lawn tractor and any other stuff I don't want in the box of my truck.  The
     other I modified to take a PWC -Yamaha Wave Runner.
     As the other guys said go with the larger wheels 12" or 14" if you can get
     them.  Get a spare and be sure your have the proper lug nut wrench.  Check
     the bearings as I have found the manufacturers of these trailers are first
     cousins of Kawasaki and they use grease like it was gold dust.
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     agree with Pete on the 12" recommendation.  I have a 4x8 trailer i bought
     from a guy in phx for $200 and towed my gpz to sacramento area with.  i
     still have the trailer and use it for hauling crap to dump, etc.  very
     capable and easy to tow.
     andy b
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     As long as it gets me the 1700+ miles
     out there, I'll be happy.
     Dave B
     GPZer wrote:
     > Harbor Freight Trailers work just fine.
     > I had the 4x8 with 12" wheels. Worked great!
     > I wouldn't get the 8" wheels, spend the little extra
     for the 12" wheels.
     > I made extensions coming off the sides of the front so
     I could haul 2 bikes. Used the cheep tube type front wheel
     chocks and they worked just fine.
     > The trailer can be folded in half when not in use, but
     I didn't cut the plywood so I couldn't fold mine.
     > Figured it would be more rigid that way.
     > Most bikes I ever had on the trailer was 3 Honda Hawks
     (NT650) that I towed from Cali to Utah.
     > PT
     > x96
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     >> I've been transfered from Chicago
     to Phoenix and have to be out there by the
     >> 20th of July. I'm planning on
     trailering the bike behind my Mustang and
     >> already have a Class 1 hitch for
     the car. I'm looking at an inexpensive
     >> trailer, as funds are tight.
     Anyone have any experience with Harbor Freight,
     >> Home Depot or Lowe's trailers?
     Harbor Freight has a couple of decent looking
     >> trailers for under $400. Just
     wondering if any of you guys have tried one of
     >> these out?
     >> Dave B
     >> References
     >> 1. >>
     >> 2. >>
     >> 3. >>
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