trailer question

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Sun Jun 28 20:18:10 PDT 2009

    Sorry to hear that  Dave, hopefully the economy will turn around soon.. 
I was holding a coupla vacation days but was hoping you would'nt  have it in 
the heat of July/August..
   I was out there in May but may still do a loop thru PA. WV and Ohio in 
the fall.
  On another note I mounted the front Shinko today The tire was noticeably 
heavier than the Avons and the sidewalls are stiffer making it a little more 
difficult to mount than the Avons. (The Avons almost fall on the rim). After 
I get it back on the bike I rip the label off and see instructions. Mount 
the red dot next to the valve - Huh! what red dot  - Oh that one.. I saw 
white paint and thought that was the marker. - Crap! Took it for a ride 
anyway and I get some shake at high speed. Still it's good enough for 
comuting til I get chance to redo it..

   Pete Staniforth

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> So, I guess you midwest/east coast guys will probably figure out from this 
> email that the Dave and Dave anual ride ain't gonna happen this year. What 
> with Dave B. being transferred and myself being unemployed, it's just not 
> going to work out. Sorry guys.
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