Blue LEDs in dash

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The link to Murph's kits is broken.  How many lumens were the LED's that you 
put in?  The stock setup in the GPZ has five 1.7w and five 2.4w bulbs.

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In case anyone needs to change out your dash lights - here is what blue LEDs 
look like:

Not quite as bright as in the picture.  I had a couple of the lights out and 
changed out the incandescent bulbs to all LEDs a few years ago.  There's a 
Concours web page that tells what kind of LEDs you need.  They're readily 
available.  All you need is clears to replace all the dummy lights, 
blinkers, etc.  I bought blue ones to see what they would look like and I 
think they look pretty cool!

-Phil Hamm

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