Cold start problem?

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Thu Mar 5 21:40:35 PST 2009

Hi Art,

47°C (117°F) is insanely hot this far south.  Broke all previous temperature records here, brought on a whole bunch of bush (US=wild) fires which have only been "brought under control" in the past few days - that's a month after they started.  More than 200 people killed, thousands of people lost their homes, hundreds of thousands of hectares/acres burnt, and several small towns no longer exist.  Hotter/faster/bigger fires than we've ever had, and Australia's the bush fire capital of the world.  Some of the fires were < 40 kms from my house, and I live in the suburbs of a large city.  Several of the towns that were wiped out have been closed off as crime scenes (suspected arson), and people are living in tent cities in sporting grounds.  It'll be years till some areas recover, and that's assuming we start getting rain again to cause some regrowth.  Until a couple of days ago (we've had a few showers), I hadn't had any rain at my house for more than two months.

But to answer your question - cold in Melbourne these days (it was colder when I was a kid) is about 2°C, or 36°F overnight.  Coldest temps I've ridden in (not in Melbourne) is about -6°C (21°F), but that was only briefly, crossing some hills - I wouldn't do it regularly or for any length of time.  I prefer skiing when it's that cold :)


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> What's "cold" in Melbourne Oz?
> I hear 47°C is considered warm.
> Art

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