Hints of Spring

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Sun Mar 8 07:32:04 PDT 2009

> My rear tire is at/near the wear bars.  Probably have 200-300 miles left. 
> Those miles have to be for something, so i'm holding off bringing it out 
> of storage.  Btw, this bike shreds tires nothing like the gpz, where I 
> could get 12-15K/set, here I'm lucky to get 7-10K (miles).
Geez!! if you had a little Scot in your background there is another 3000km 
til you get to the "done bar" the white strip down the centre of the tire.

WE did have temperatures of 11-12 C (50-52F) the last couple of days. Lost a 
lot of snow but still have a meter (3 feet) or more. Like to send this to 
you Simon, knock down the temperature and the fires.  Unfortunatly my bikes 
are in the garage at the cottage which has a 2 meter drift in front of the 
door.  WE are supposed to get -20C (-2F) later in the week.  When the 4 
inches of water that is on the meter of ice on the lake freezes we'll have a 
16 km x 4 km skating rink.


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