Tires and mileage

Simon White swhite at
Wed Mar 11 15:57:07 PDT 2009

We're talking miles here, right?

I haven't monitored my milage for a while, but I went through 3 sets of Bridgestone BT020's in the first few years I had the bike, and averaged 18-20k km (~11-12.5k miles) per set.  Almost no tread left (edge to edge) when I changed them, naturally :).  I tend to ride fairly fast, but I'm not extra heavy with the throttle. The worst set I've had were Maxxis - Supermaxx I think.  Only had 7000km from them.  Quite sticky, but I'd never had a problem with the BT020's.

I've lost track of how long they last now, as I've had a succession of second hand ones on the front - it was a Cheng Shin which seemed quite good, I've just changed that for a Metzeler Sportec which had been used for a track day.  Fairly worn on the edges (though still good), almost new in the centre.  As I'm mostly commuting now, that works well, and given that it cost me $30 fitted, it's a no-brainer (although the V shape was strange for the first week).  I've a Pilot Road on the rear which is lasting well - at least 10k kms so far, and another 2-3k left, even with the patch I put in at 500km.

Good timing with the change, too.  It hadn't rained here for nearly 3 months (most unusual), but I swapped my tyre and it's rained every 4-5 days since.  Raining now, which is fantastic - I haven't had grass in my yard since Christmas (water restrictions).

Well, I've blathered on enough - if there's something useful in there for people then I'm quite surprised!

Melbourne, Australia.

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> Guys
> 11- 12 K on a set of tires:
> you make me weep!
> I'm lucky to get 5000 km out of a set!
> Anybody else in my situation?
> George, Switzerland,
> still seeing snow in the neighbours garden

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