Muzzy Exhaust

Paul Heim SuprHtr at
Wed Mar 11 20:29:30 PDT 2009

Mine's louder than I'd prefer but not outrageous.  Dave and Dave could tell 
you better than me whether it's obnoxious, since it always sounds louder 
when you're on the bike.

When I bought the bike, the pipe was there but re-jetting hadn't been done. 
I had a bad flat spot at 3500 to 4500 RPM.  Fixed with the DynoJet kit plus 
larger pilot jets?  Can't remember, it's been 4 years...

Paul in Ohio
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> Hey a "used for 1 season" Muzzy 4 into 1 just went up for sale locally. 
> Just curious, are these crazy loud or just loud? Rejetting required or 
> optional?
> Thanks,
> Mark R

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