Muzzy Exhaust

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Thu Mar 12 05:23:52 PDT 2009

The Micron is definitely a nicer sound. Not nearly as raspy. I don't remember Paul's bike being unusually loud either though. Not nearly as annoying as the V&H pipes anyway.

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   I didn't notice that Paul's bike was unusually loud. I think the
Muzzy might
   sound a little raspier than the Micron I had on, but not bad at all.
   Dave B
   Paul Heim wrote:

     Mine's louder than I'd prefer but not outrageous.  Dave and Dave
     tell you better than me whether it's obnoxious, since it always sounds
     louder when you're on the bike.
     When I bought the bike, the pipe was there but re-jetting hadn't been
     done. I had a bad flat spot at 3500 to 4500 RPM.  Fixed with the DynoJet
     kit plus larger pilot jets?  Can't remember, it's been 4 years...
     Paul in Ohio
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