anyone know which fuse controls the horn?

andy burkard andyburkard at
Thu Mar 19 10:24:54 PDT 2009

any 12v horn will work.  in fact, i have an extra OEM horn for the GPZ.  if you find the horn is faulty after simply connecting loose wires and holding them against any 12v battery (even your car's will work) let me know and i can send it to you.  i have no need for it as i did the fiamm hiway blaster mod which i won't bother undoing when it comes time to part ways with the geeper.

andy b

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> Thanks you happen to know
> where the connectors for the horn
> join up to the fuse block or battery? Or do I just trace
> the lines
> backward from the horn? Also does anyone know if other Kawi
> horns are
> compatible, and if so, which? I assume it's a standard type
> horn
> that's used on a lot of bikes....
> On Wed, Mar 18, 2009 at 4:35 PM, Simon White <swhite at>
> wrote:
> > Try taking the horn off (the connectors will just pull
> off) and connecting it (carefully) directly across a
> battery*.  If it works consistently then it's time to look
> elsewhere.  Definitely don't cut any wires, though - that
> will just lead to corrosion in them and more problems.
> -- 
> Utah Jeff
> '96 SheePz1100


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