New Engine Design

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The Mazda RX7 rotary only had three moving parts too.  (at least the
naturally aspirated ones, the later versions had twin sequential turbines).
Anyway, two rotors and the eccentric shaft.  Though that is a bit of
exaggeration too, as each rotor apex seal is spring loaded and floated in
and out of the apex slot.

Come to think of it, my '84 RX7 was a bit of a gas hog.  I had intended to
make a SCCA slalom car out of it, but sold it.


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     Interesting, though the claim of 3 moving parts is a exaggeration. I 
see 2 caps 4 pistons and 4 balls.
The hardest part of any new idea is the implementation.
    I remember Mazda had mucho problems witht the seals on there rotary 
engines initially, and this looks like it would be more difficult - 
especially as it wears. With a conventional engine the rings can expand to 
accommodate some of the wear.
   Still nothing ventured  -  nothing gained..

      Pete S 

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