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Mon Mar 30 19:40:39 PDT 2009


It's ride down Thursday the 25th of June to Silverton, ride the loop on 
Friday, Saturday do your own thing. I'm going to try to ride Gateway 
again, but hopefully see the museum this time.  Sunday ride back, Monday 
maybe do Rocky Mtn. National Park.

There was very few responses to my earlier e-mail, economy and the fact 
we've done it before I guess, but I'd do it by myself if no one else 
came so I definitely will be there.  I'm staying at the Bent Elbow 
again.  I'll post the more informative e-mail soon for anyone interested.

Charles S.
95 GPZ1100

gpzer at wrote:
> Anyone know what dates were decided upon for the Fandango?
> Thanks,
> PT
> x96
> .

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