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Listen, from English teacher in America who loves his old GPz, Brits talk
funny, no matter how they're orientated.

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> Regardless of Mr Steve's orientation ... It really doesn't matter: it's a
> matter of personal taste. Orientated is currently preferred use in general
> British use. Oriented is prevalent  in technical use, and in the US.
>  What happened to your 955i  Steve? LOL
> http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/orientated?qsrc=2446
> orientated: verb (used without object), -tatâ‹
ed, -tatâ‹
ing. to orient.
> past tense
> http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/orientated
> Try teaching English to "Orientals"? OMG! Don't get unorganized teaching
> English in China because, then you would actually disorganized. Chinese
> are often have learnt or learned [another brit thing] from the Britons
> My bloody head hurts, now.
> ________________________________
> Steve Northrop <blackgpz at rochester.rr.com>
> ......parts are orientated.....
> Orientated is not a word, just like irregardless (pet peeve).

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