2009 Honda DN-01

andy burkard andyburkard at yahoo.com
Mon May 4 10:20:49 PDT 2009

Undoubtably the stupidest thing i've ever seen from honda.


nope, it's not photoshop - but hey, if you're thinking about getting into motorcycling, er, make that, scooter posing wanna-be, and are afraid of gears, clutches, kick starters, and are willing to try something without training wheels - then by all means - DROP 15K ON THIS RIDICULOUS THING!!!

the folks at honda who came up with this thing should be shot.

IMHO of course...
andy b

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> Interesting. Not sure if I like it.
> http://www.yamahaoftroy.com/new_vehicle_detail.asp?sid=02860224X5K4K2009J7I52I40JAMQ690R0&veh=101397&CatDesc=Motorcycles&ModelYear=2009


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