2009 Honda DN-01

Simon White swhite at consultant.com
Thu May 7 00:35:19 PDT 2009

I still have mine - about to tick over 145k km (about 91,000 miles).  The fork seals are shot (again!); I've yet to buy the new countershaft and shift shaft seals and plug those leaks; and I was picked up by the EPA for my exhaust being too loud recently, and am still sorting that out - but she runs like a top and gets me to work and back every day.

I test rode a Blackbird a couple of years ago and liked it well enough, but honestly couldn't see/feel a lot of difference between it and the GPZ.  For a much newer bike (and presumably engine design), it's milage sucks - almost 50% higher from talking to a few regular riders.  The other big minus (for me) was the lack of underseat storage.  If/when I go on a day ride, I can fit a bottle of water, a couple of pieces of pizza, my camera, and a spare set of gloves in the GPZ.  I struggled to find space for my camera on the XX - a real downside for me.

I'll probably sell the GPZ this year - it's reaching the point where non-maintenance items are starting to wear out, and I'm not inclined toward a total rebuild.  I'm leaning towards a smaller bike, as I mostly commute these days - maybe one of the new 650s that are so ubiquitous now.

Melbourne, Australia
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> Yea, this is the liveliest discussion on this list for months... am I the 
> only one who still actually owns a GPz?
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