2009 Honda DN-01

art.robinson art.robinson at rogers.com
Thu May 7 04:23:55 PDT 2009

Still got mine with over 102000 Kms on her and she still uses a
negligible amount of oil.

I think she was designed for me as I'm perfectly comfortable for long
distances with the stock saddle and bars.

 If anything happened to her, I'd want another. I guess its love!


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I have 62,000 Km's (approx. 39,000 miles) on my GPz.

Put the SS brake lines on last season..  Like you said, long over due,
worth it.

Still like my GPz but I have been looking again and doing demo rides.
So far have sampled a Ducati Multi Strada, BMW F800ST, Triumph Tiger,
to come.

As much as I enjoyed certain elements of these bikes (and others I have
ridden), I have not found anything I like more than the GPz as a whole
package.  Admittedly it is heavier than I would like, suspension and
tech is 15+ yrs old and shows, but the motor, that smooth, linear
masterpiece of motion of the GPz is very hard to beat! (preaching to the

One day I will find (or be forced to find) the GPz's replacement, but
me, I have not found it yet!.  The search continues, tough job but
has to demo all these new offerings..  ;-D

Paul W. Landry
P_Landry at telus.net

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I've still got mine.  I finally got around to putting some SS brake
lines on
it.  Man, what a difference!  I should'a done that a long time ago.  
The clock on mine is just coming up on 20K miles so it's just broken
in.  I
know that's gotta be way on the low side of average, so I'm just
how many miles do you guys have on your bikes?
Dave King, '96-Black is Beautiful.

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