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Fri May 8 07:09:10 PDT 2009

Personally I would say the 16/50 would be overkill. You will most likely 
need to go up at least two links on your chain as well.

The GPZ is already a pretty good bike out of the hole. 16/47 will make a 
nice improvement over stock.

Jonathon Jay wrote:
> I just use the term 'wheelie machine' to give the general idea that I 
> am looking for some serious low end. I suppose the correct term would 
> be drag bike.
> This will be an around town and weekend fun machine mostly, and any 
> commute would be a max of 35 miles on the freeway.
> I won't get a chance to put on more than about 300 miles in a day 
> once, at the most twice per year due to being a family guy with a very 
> young 'un.
> So I'm gonna have fun with this ressurection I'm doing.
> My biggest thrill with motorcycling has always been when the light 
> turns green and I don't want anything to touch me out of the hole.
> That being said, I still would like to be able to run into the city 
> once in a while without redlining my rods or spending a mortgage 
> payment on fuel. What do you think about the 16/47 vs the 16/50?
> I anticipate my top speed to rarely exceed 85, most freeway cuising at 
> 70 or so. I'll be happy if I can hit 100 at a decent rpm.
> Regards-
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