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It's working for me.

 Jeffrey R Markham

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Doing my best for a Mike Meyers...

Hey, the online sprocket calculator still is kaputz, and I need to be ordering a set today or so.

Maybe I can get some group input. 

Say what you will, but I want ALL my power off idle. I understand dropping to a 16t on the front will get me closer to the wheelie monster I want to be.

What effect does adding a few teeth to the rear do? Shift torque down in the rpm range, adding to the wheelie effect, or does adding teeth to the rear decrease hiway rpm?

I was thinking of also adding 2 to the back. I'd now turn it from a 17/45 to a 16/47. What are the thoughts on a 16/50? What will this do to off idle and freeway rpm?



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> The product I was referring to is Bike Aid by Dri-Slide. It's a graphite 
> based product and looks like this:
> Dave in Des Moines
> --------------------------------------------------
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> > Mine did that and it the recommendation I got was to go to a bicycle shop 
> > and get a bottle of this teflon-based cable lubricant. It works wonders! 
> > It comes in a small black bottle (maybe 6 ounces) with a metal tube 
> > applicator. It was 6 or 7 bucks as I recall. I can't remember the name 
> > of the product, but I can look tonight. All I did was open up the 
> > throttle housing and free the cable end enough to get the metal applicator 
> > in there (its almost like a needle) and squirt the stuff in there until it 
> > ran out near the carbs. Silky smooth.
> >
> > Dave in Des Moines
> >
> >
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> > Subject: Throttle return issue?
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> >
> > I've been having a problem with my throttle return. It tends to hang up 
> > for a second before returning to the idle position. I looked that the 
> > microfiche on and couldn't figure out which spring was the 
> > return spring on the carbs. Anyone replace this before and have a part 
> > number? I suppose it's possible I'm looking in the wrong place to solve 
> > the problem too... Has anyone had a sticky throttle and what they did to 
> > fix it?
> >
> > 

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