I'm an idiot

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Wow, sorry to hear that but things happen.  I built a 350 Chevy engine once
and decided to wash it off prior to starting it for the first time and the
distributor wasn't in it yet.  Guess a significant amount of water went down
that opening as I couldn't hardly get any oil pressure using my drill to
prime the oil pump through that same distributor oil but finally did get it
up.  When it started I could see there was hardly any oil pressure and then
realized something was wrong.  Opened the drain plug and guess what, nothing
but water for a few seconds before oil started coming out.

Did the oil light not come on for awhile I assume ?  Maybe you just have a
wad of paper towel on the oil pickup in the bottom end.  If you're going to
pull the mill that's what I'd do prior to tossing it.  Also, did you take
off the oil filter yet?  Maybe all the stuff is in there, change filter, end
of problem, maybe.

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Well I did about the stupidest f'n thing you can do yesterday. remember my 
post about how happy I was that everything went so well on the valve 
adjustment? Well yeah it went wonderful, except that I'm kicking myself in 
the ass right now for NOT removing the shop towels that were shoved in the 
cam chain hole... So what motors fit these bikes? It was running so nicely 
too. Still is actually but the oil light is on. I dumped the oil , pulled 
the valve cover again, cleaned out everything I could find, and still the 
oil light is on. I don't want to dump 2 grand into this bike on a rebuild. 
So I'm going to look for a used motor . I know we've said the heads have to 
be retained on whatever motor we put in there. But what will work? Zx11? 
ZRX1200? I'm an idiot...

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