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Ralph, meet idiot #2 (or #1, depending on your point of view!). I've done the same thing. You need to remove whatever you need to to get the oil pan beneath the engine off. I don't remember it being very much stuff, the exhaust being the biggest component. The rag pieces have plugged up the screen on the bottom of the oil pick-up which is why the oil light is on. Do not run the engine anymore. After getting the oil pan off and cleaning the screen, pan and surrounding areas, don't forget to clean out behind the clutch cover and ignition cover besides under the valve cover. Remember any rag you don't get will end up on the screen again so get everything you can. Put everything back together, change the oil and filter and give it a go. I've put about 17k on it since it happened to me so it can be OK if you do a thorough job of cleaning it out. Good luck.


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> <<Ralph,
> Chances are the rag is plugging up the oil pump.  You will
> need to pull the oil pan and clean out everything.  Since
> you didn't run it very long you are probably okay.  Get the
> pan off and start cleaning out the pieces.  Former lister
> Charles Blum (RIP) did the same many years ago and he was
> fine once he got the rag out.
> Charles S.>>
> What's involved in that Charles? Any idea? The book says drop the pipes, 
> take off the radiator drain the coolant etc. Is that all necessarry?
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