I'm an idiot

Steve Northrop blackgpz at rochester.rr.com
Wed May 13 16:45:18 PDT 2009

>>I think I would take it for a ride and watch the temp. guage. If it's not 
>>getting enough oil....

Sorry Dave but this is a BAD idea. If it's not getting enough oil, what you 
get is a spun #3 rod bearing, then we are certain the motor is trashed.

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>I think I would take it for a ride and watch the temp. guage. If it's not 
>getting enough oil, I would think the temp guage would reflect that. Just 
>don't go getting on it real hard.
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> <<I've never done it (and hope I never do), but that sounds
> right.  I don't think it's a terrible job (someone chime in
> here) though.  You might have to take off that right side
> frame piece as well for access.
> Charles S.>>
> Right side frame piece? God I hope not! I'll be tackling it either 
> Saturday
> or Monday at this point. If anyone has any extra info (Steve) let me know,
> I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Man I'm really thinking of investing in a
> roll on bike lift about now. Did I mention how nice it was running?
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