more expensive trip than expected

David Beard davidebeard at
Wed May 13 17:27:21 PDT 2009

   Was 114 link. Now is 112...
   Yep about the worse rear tire I've seen on the back of a bike. Doh!
   Dave B
   Dave Daniels wrote:

So, I jumped on the GPZ and headed up to Dave Beard's for a couple days. It was
 a real nice ride...nice and sunny...pleasant ride. Took about 6 hours or so. M
y chain was adjusted out as far as the tire would allow, and it is a 147 link c
hain, so Dave said he had a riveted master link I could have and we could break
 out a couple links in the chain. I said Cool! Last night I took a little spin 
down to the gas station for some Carmex, but when I came out of the station, I 
noticed the cords showing through on my back tire. So, $150 for a Conti Force r
ear tire plus $35 mounting and balancing, $4 old tire disposal and $10 for a T-
shirt, I'm out just over $200. But at least I'll feel more confident on the way
 home. Geez!


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