more expensive trip than expected

David Beard davidebeard at
Thu May 14 06:36:44 PDT 2009

   Made my old tire look pretty pristine.
   Not only was there a nice strip of cord showing down the  middle, the the
   sides were so cupped out, I'm amazed he was able to turn without falling
   over. He got a nice new Conti Force installed yesterday, and hopefully I'll
   be able to talk him in to letting me help him scrub it in today. That's
   after we get it back on the bike this morning.
   Dave B
   Steve Northrop wrote:

       Yep about the worse rear tire I've seen on the back of a bike. Doh!
       Dave B

     As bad as the one on the back of your bike at last year's Ohio run? Doh!
     No wonder you guys are buddies.
     Steve in Western NY
     '96 GPZ1100
     '08 KLR 650
     '08 Tuono Factory
     "You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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