more expensive trip than expected

The Masons masonjs at
Thu May 14 16:25:59 PDT 2009

OR... as bad as Masons at the Lake George rally several years ago?

Whoa now!!
I made it 350 miles home on that tire.  Blue haired old ladies in silver 
Taurus' were passing me but my mileage increased to better than 50 mpg. 
Hell there wasn't even a white spot on it in Lake George and when I got home 
there were 2 white patches each about 3" long and ,1/2 " wide.  I probably 
could have made North Bay 3 hours away.
I didn't leave no blue rags in my engine.  That isn't saying I haven't 
phuced up more than once. Had a good trip to Cabot Head Light House and as 
soon as I figure out how to put photos into this machine I give you a run 
down on it.


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