Rear wheel assembly

Ian Westlake ianwestlake at
Sat May 16 01:11:03 PDT 2009

Mines the same. I also found the alignment tabs could rotate a degree  
or two when u tightened the axle nut causing even more problems with  
judging the alignment.   What I did was get a couple of 30 mm diameter  
10mm hole washers then opened the hole to 20 mm on one & 16 mm on the  
other. I put the 20mm one on the fixed end before the tab and the 16mm  
one slips over the threaded end before the nut. As the washers can't  
move on the axle & are both central to centre point of it I now align  
by measuring from the outside edge of the washer to the back of the  
swingarm with a steel rule. If that's the same both sides then I know  
the centre of the axles the same. Don't know if that helps but it  
works for me.
Ian W
95 GPZ1100E1

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On 16 May 2009, at 08:20, "Guy Ramsey" <ramsey.gc at> wrote:

> Does anyone know what order the rear wheel goes back together on a  
> 1996? I looked at the manual and it's not the way it came apart. I  
> put it back together in this order (starting on chain side): Axel,  
> alignment tab, swing arm, spacer (92027) {cupped portion to the  
> inside}, sprocket assembly, rubber damper, wheel assembly, spacer  
> (92143) {wide portion to the outside}, caliper, swing arm, alignment  
> tab, washer, axel nut. I didn't pull any of the bearings or  
> disassemble any part that didn't come off with removing the axel.  
> Can anyone tell me if I put it together right? I took it for a spin  
> and it feels funny now. Also does anyone have a problem with the  
> axel not being long enough for the space between the swing arm? My  
> right hand alignment tab sits on the threaded portion of the axel  
> rather than the smooth portion. This makes it very difficult adjust  
> the rear wheel because there is about 1/8" -1/4" play on the inside  
> diameter of the tab.
> Guy

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