lost & found

The Masons masonjs at nrtco.net
Sun May 17 06:50:37 PDT 2009

Yeah I just found the F#$%@ing connector for my electric vest right after I 
bought an in line fuse holder & a 2 wire trailer plug.
 I always left it under the seat of the GPz when I removed the battery in 
November and could put it on in April when I got the bike out.
 Last year a terminal had pulled loose so I repaired it.  I've been looking 
for a week.
I sat down at my reloading/ electronic/tiny mechanical repair desk to make 
up a new one.  I took a dozen boxes of reloaded 270s off the desk.  Lo and 
behold there it was,  where I had repaired it last November.
Its back on the bike and with the varying temperatures showing this week 
12C - 25C (48F - 78F) it will be needed if I have time to ride, with the 
nightmare of plumbing problems I've had at my rental cottage this past week 
it seems doubtful.  Right now I've got the kitchen drain held together with 
Mexican solder.  When the tennants leave tomorrow, I'll put in a new "S" 


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