was Home from Mr. Beard's/now gear you might want to try

Bob Nelson majordad at carolina.rr.com
Sun May 17 08:36:19 PDT 2009

The Masons wrote:
> I also found the Corbin to be like riding on a cement block but it was 
> a step up from the stock seat.
> Steve Northrop had a pair of spndex like long boxers (nearly to his 
> knees). I asked my son to get me a pair for Christmas.  He ordered a 
> pair from EBay but they didn't arrive-he forgot to pay for them.
> On the trip to Cabot Head lighthouse last week I tried out a pair of 
> Athletic Works Spandex boxers.  I got them in Wal Mart (sorry) $6.00 
> CDN and they're made for Pennman's in China (Sorry).
> I found I got monkey butt about the 500 km (300 mile) mark with 
> regular cotton boxers.  I had no trouble with the 650 km on this trip.
> Few other pluses:
> They are anti-microbactirial
> You can hand wash them in a bathroom basin, hang them on a shower rod 
> and they are dry & clean for the next day's ride.
> If you're getting a little warm in the crotch while riding, stand on 
> the pegs and these will cool your scrotum very quickly.
> They feel like women's underwear ----
> Jim
And you know they feel like women's under wear how?  What are you 
wearing under your pants???  :)


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