New guy here with 2 GPZs

Alan abstrakt101 at
Sun May 17 18:14:59 PDT 2009

haha, well, it will be faster soon!  I just swapped my Micron exhaust, and stage 1 Dynojet kit to it :D  Next step is to swap over my HID headlight, and put some new tires on it!!!  The tires on it are original!  

The red sure is "faster".  It will be painted black real quick! lol.  Probably before next weekend :D.  All of the other parts from this bike are getting swapped over to the high mileage one, and I'm returning it to stock condition.  I swapped the ignitor, carbs, and coils over to it, and it still stalls when the RPM's are coming back down to idle.  Not to mention, it runs exactly the same(strong, and responsive).  So, I'm lost.  I'll do a compression check here as soon as I can find an adapter that goes down to M10 for my gauge.  I had the valves set, but the mechanic that did them turned out to be a retard.  So, perhaps my valve lash might be set wrong also.  Any tips on adjusting the valves?  I've never done that on my own before.  :D  

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> Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009, 1:15 PM
> At
> least you saw the light and bought the "faster"
> '95 red.  ;-)
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> Subject: New guy here with 2 GPZs
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> Date: Sunday, May 17, 2009, 1:02 PM
> Hey guys, good to finally join the list!  I've
> been a browser for a while,
> and I just bought my 2nd GPZ!  
> I'm Alan, and I'm from Livonia, Michigan.  I'm
> 26, and finally
> getting into the motorcycle scene!  I currently own a 1996
> GPZ 1100 with 26,000
> miles, and a barn queen 1995 GPZ 1100 with 2800 miles.  I
> bought the latter one
> off of Chris Marquis yesterday.  It's a fantastic
> runner, and just needs
> some cosmetic work.  My 96' is the reason I bought the
> 95'.  I bought it
> as a project, and I'm about to light it on fire!  It
> runs fantastic, but
> ALWAYS stalls when coming to a stop.  It starts and idles
> perfect, until you
> hold the RPM's above 3000 for more than 5 seconds, and
> then let off of the
> gas.  So, I'm going to be swapping parts, and finding
> out what's causing
> the problems on the 96'.  I've had 3 master
> mechanics look at it,
> rebuild the carbs, re-jet it, Micron full exhaust, and
> sync'd them, and it
> doesn't make a difference.  Hopefully I can figure it
> out soon!!!  Oh,
> I'll make a separate post on the parts I need for the
> 95'.  I'm
> going to be selling the
>  96' when I figure out what's wrong with it and fix
> it.  :)
> Good to be on the list, and hope to be here for a while!  I
> love these bikes!
> Oh yeah, did I mention I bought my 96' for an
> unbeatable price, and it came
> with handlebar risers, a corbin seat, original Kawasaki
> hard bags, a cover, the
> original seat, full service history, and brand new tires?
> :D 


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