My valve shim saga that turned into a paper mess

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Hey Ralph, and guys!

Long term lurker Ron Jordan here.? Glad to hear the good news.? I'm no great wrencher myself, but please allow this:? For the cost of a few (several) quarts of fresh oil, I heartily recommend changing the oil in the next few, maybe one or two hundred miles - and then do the same hundred or so and change it out again.? Looking for any remaining bits 'o rag that might still be inside.? Like I said, for a few bucks of "wasted" oil, it's better for your psyche when you're about to hit it hard or go on a long ride, that you did it and found less and less or no rag bits in those hundred or two miles...

Keep grinnin'
Ron Jordan
Altadena, CA

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<<great news Ralph the GPZ is saved>>?
Yes, this had me pretty happy. It took all day but it worked out. We started doing this at 9:30 this morning and didn't finish till about 6:30. That oil line really screwed me up though. Hopefuly that won't take to long to get here.?
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