[Bulk] My valve shim saga that turned into a paper mess

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Hooray for you! That could have been a real nightmare.


Speaking of having a heck of a time working on the bike-

I noticed that when I apply the rear brake I hear a click. So I get off, spin the wheel by hand, and apply the brake. The caliper doesn't move any farther forward than it should, but it sounds as if the caliper is hitting the swingarm - even though you can tell it isn't. I don't know why the hell it's making this noise.


I've ordered new Galfer lines and pads that need installed so I thought I'd pull it all apart and see if I'm missing a brake pad clip or something.
I THOUGHT in order to remove the pads you had to remove those 2 Allen bolts. Who knows if that's the case or not? Some Jackhole at the factory/stealership applied them with a thermonuclear impact wrench and probably a half ton of LocTite I bet, too. Allen key snapped, leaving a small piece in the bolt. So as soon as I can figure out how to remove this damn caliper, looks like I have to drill the bolt out and place an order at Ayers myself. Umless someone has a couple of those screws they can part with...


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> Phew, I'll bet you feel a whole lot better!
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> So I took the bike apart today, with the help of my buddy Jerry. We
> pulled 
> the tank and the lowers,unhooked the radiator and oil cooler and hung
> them 
> there. Dropped the oil pan and BAM! There it was. Lots of shredded paper
> towel. Had a heck of a time trying to figure out where this black formed
> rubber hose went that fell out when I removed the oil pan. Cleaned out 
> everything, but to get the oil pan off I had to remove the oil hose that
> goes up to the top of the cylinder head. I decided to remove it at the
> head 
> because it was easier to reach then down below. Big mistake. Whoever had
> the 
> bike before or maybe directly from the factory had put that thing on and
> cross threaded it. It was all stripped out. I tried everything including
> Teflon tape to get it to seat and it would not. Nothing worked. So I had
> to 
> make another hundred dollar order to Ron Ayers for a new hose and a new 
> fitting that sits on the right top side of the engine. That done I stood
> there holding the hose in place and started it, the bike started and the
> oil 
> light went out right away. As soon as I saw that I shut it down because
> the 
> oil line was leaking, but everything seemed fine. No noises and the oil 
> light was out so I was happy.Now when the new parts get here it should
> be 
> all good. Hopefully it'll be before my trip or I'll be taking the YZF.
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