My valve shim saga that turned into a paper mess

Jay Loeppke jloeppke at
Mon May 18 19:14:22 PDT 2009

Good for another 50K...............Yeh!!!!

On May 18, 2009, at 6:29 PM, corbie at wrote:

> great news Ralph the GPZ is saved
>> So I took the bike apart today, with the help of my buddy Jerry. We
>> pulled the tank and the lowers,unhooked the radiator and oil cooler
>> and hung them there. Dropped the oil pan and BAM! There it was.
>> Lots of shredded paper towel. Had a heck of a time trying to figure
>> out where this black formed rubber hose went that fell out when I
>> removed the oil pan. Cleaned out everything, but to get the oil pan
>> off I had to remove the oil hose that goes up to the top of the
>> cylinder head. I decided to remove it at the head because it was
>> easier to reach then down below. Big mistake. Whoever had the bike
>> before or maybe directly from the factory had put that thing on and
>> cross threaded it. It was all stripped out. I tried everything
>> including Teflon tape to get it to seat and it would not. Nothing
>> worked. So I had to make another hundred dollar order to Ron Ayers
>> for a new hose and a new fitting that sits on the right top side of
>> the engine. That done I stood there holding the hose in place and
>> started it, the bike started and the oil light went out right away.
>> As soon as I saw that I shut it down because the oil line was
>> leaking, but everything seemed fine. No noises and the oil light
>> was out so I was happy.Now when the new parts get here it should be
>> all good. Hopefully it'll be before my trip or I'll be taking the
>> YZF.
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