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Tue May 19 19:48:14 PDT 2009

You know, on the Amsoil, here's my experience. Ran it once in my 96 Gpz,
shortly thereafter I started having oil consumption issues. All this
around 34K miles. Switched to Rotella and the oil burning continued...
but not as bad. My Amsoil guy told me afterwards that they had
reformulated it since then to reduce foaming. So, thinking oil is oil,
tried it (Amsoil) again in my Sprint ST, 6K miles on it. Guess what,
it's now an oil user. It wasn't before the Amsoil fill. Seems like more
than a coincidence to me. I'm off the stuff. 

Just sayin,
Mark R


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Hery Ron. That's exactly what I intend to do. I bought  cheap oil from 
walmart and figure on running it a hundred miles or so before I switch
to the amsoil which I have waiting here.

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