Looking for some parts

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Especially if they're hardened bolts. You'll be drillin' till the cows come home.

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Didn't catch what exactly was the issue with your allen heads, stripped?  If
you have the room, you could use a needle nose vise-grip (wonderful little
tool) and that would probably crush/latch onto the head and allow you to
turn it.  Drilling out is tough, as if it isn't a straight drill you'll
still nick the threads.


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Still have some new turn signals and other cosmetic stuff for sale. Cheap
for fellow listers.

Anyone have any thoughts on my allen head issues? I'm thinking of drilling
them out? Don't want to mess up the threads...
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> Hey guys.  Now, I'm looking for some parts for my 95' (I changed
my email,
> my Yahoo spam filters everything!)
> Gas Tank(any color)
> Gauge cluster surround
> The black plastic cowling piece that is on the right side of the gauge
> cluster and next to the gas tank.
> Clutch slave cylinder
> Trip reset button on the gauge cluster
> If I think of anything else, I'll post some more! :D

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