how do we post pics via micapeak?

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Fri May 22 11:35:12 PDT 2009

I believe he asked how to do this.  I would also like to know.  I was going 
to write a trip report to the Cabot Head Light Station and wanted to include 
pictures.  I would try to figure out how to post the pictures and give an 
address where they can be viewed but:
1.  I'm too busy at the moment with 4 properties to maintain after the 
2. I'd probably fuck it up
3. I'm too lazy

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> You can't post photos directly but you could upload them to a photo 
> sharing
> site and post the url on the list.
> John
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> hey all,
> i wanted to share a few pics of remaining stuff i have available to part
> with, but seem to lack the skills for proper posting.
> any help would be appreciated.
> andy b

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