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I'm maybe not your "normal" rider but have owned (3) Corbin seats, and I
loved all of them.  My GPZ has a new one on it as well, and it's not
particularly broken in yet as I put it on last summer and only rode ~ 1000
miles on it.  I only weigh ~ 140 - 150 lbs depending on the time of the year
and haven't really felt there was a magic break-in number.  I've got a new
one on my Vrod as well and it's fine right out of the box.  I'd say give it
a chance or redeem your rebuild feature at Corbin.... 

John (My $0.02 worth and your mileage may and probably will vary)

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Hi Guys
I don't want to re-open a thread that may have been discussed ad nauseam
during one of my absences from lurker-dom but I would like some feedback on
experiences with the Corbin seat.
I took the plunge about three weeks ago and purchased a Gunfighter and Lady
for my ZZR 1200, a bike notorious for its corrosive seat construction.
When I put it on I was immediately suspicious of the hard feel to it and the
obvious thin padding.
However, there was no disputing the superior riding position and comfort
stance (coupled with Contibars risers) in spite of increased folding of the
legs due to lower seat height.
I have just returned from a trip to Houston, about 400 miles one way. At the
end of the trip out I was  almost ecstatic: none of the inner thigh soreness
and burning that always made the end of this trip an agonizing count of
miles remaining.
However two days later on the trip back the last fifty miles provided some
of the most excruciating moments I ever spent on a bike.
Both butt cheeks were on fire.  Even now, four days later they still cause
me to want to take the car in spite of the beautiful riding weather.
Yesterday I felt mad enough to call Corbin and complain. I asked the
representative if I could send the seat back to have some more padding
I THINK  she said "yes" but then continued to lecture me about the ingenious
construction of the seat which is made with special inserts which "need 2000
miles of use for the foam to conform to my particular butt shape" or words
to that effect and THEN the comfort would kick in.
Ye Corbin owners out there is this Gospel? Was this your experience?
I would be very grateful for your responses since I am all but resolved to
shop that thing on Ebay or Craig and do my best to warn others away from the
Corbin trap.
Randy in New Orleans,
Nostalgic Former Owner (and still wrencher) of 95 Geeper
2005 ZZR 1200


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Oh no, my secret's out.......

Steve in Western NY
'96 GPZ1100
'08 KLR 650
'08 Tuono Factory
"You Can't Fix Stupid", Ron White

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> I also found the Corbin to be like riding on a cement block but it was a
step up from the stock seat.
> Steve Northrop had a pair of spndex like long boxers (nearly to his
knees). I asked my son to get me a pair for Christmas.  He ordered a pair
from EBay but they didn't arrive-he forgot to pay for them.
> On the trip to Cabot Head lighthouse last week I tried out a pair of
Athletic Works Spandex boxers.  I got them in Wal Mart (sorry) $6.00 CDN and
they're made for Pennman's in China (Sorry).
> I found I got monkey butt about the 500 km (300 mile) mark with regular
cotton boxers.  I had no trouble with the 650 km on this trip.
> Few other pluses:
> They are anti-microbactirial
> You can hand wash them in a bathroom basin, hang them on a shower rod and
they are dry & clean for the next day's ride.
> If you're getting a little warm in the crotch while riding, stand on the
pegs and these will cool your scrotum very quickly.
> They feel like women's underwear ---- 
> Jim

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