Corbin seats

David Beard davidebeard at
Fri May 22 19:18:05 PDT 2009

   David Beard wrote:

   I have to agree with Dave D and disagree with John. I've owned two Corbins
   and hated them both. They do not "break in", no matter how much you use
   them, IMHO. You have to ask yourself why Corbin couldn't just make the seat
   comfortable  to  begin with. I figure this is a cop out on their part.
   Probably figure if you ride on it long enough, you'll get used to it, but I
   never did.
   The best seat I've owned on the GPZ was a stock seat that I sent off to
   Sargent's to have rebuilt and modified. I had the front of the seat raised a
   bit to keep me from sliding forward, and I had the rise moved back about an
   inch so I could sit further back. Also had the seat dished out about 1/2" to
   lower the ride height. I also had them put their high density foam in the
   seat and then recover the seat in a basket weave that helped my arse stay
   put. All that work and it was considerably cheaper than the Corbin.
   I have heard good things about the Russell, but have never tried it. They
   are quite expensive and fairly ugly. The Sargent looked very nice and sat
   even better. I'd send your stock seat to Sargent and have it rebuilt, then
   sell the Corbin to some other poor sap. (no offense to any listers with numb
   enough butts to enjoy sitting on those torture racks Corbin sells as seats)
   YAMV (Your Ass May Vary)
   Dave B
   John Soliday wrote:



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