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Guy, sounds to me like your chain and sprockets are on melt-down. Just 
because there's only 10,000 on it doesn't mean it's not shot. When you get 
to having to adjust it every couple hundred miles, it's time to replace it. 
Second, what do the sprockets look like? Any hooked/thinning of the teeth? 
It's hard to see unless you compare it to a new one. My best guess is the 
countershaft sprocket is your biggest problem. Either the teeth are severely 
worn or it is loose on the countershaft (not likely). New steel sprockets 
are pretty reasonable at Get a #607 front and 
#292S rear, stock gearing is 17/45. MAW has a DID 530VM chain for a 
reasonable price as well. You should be able to get away for less than $200.
As an aside, don't use the marks on the axle plates for chain alignment. 
they are notoriously inaccurate. I pop the decorative covers that cover the 
swingarm pivot bolt and centerpunch a mark in the center of the bolt and the 
center of the rear axle on both sides and use a tape measure to make sure I 
have equal distance on both sides with the proper chain tension. This is a 
much more accurate method.

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I forgot to mention on the vibration. It doesn't vibrate while decelerating 
or with the clutch disengaged. Only while trying to maintain a speed or 
accelerating at the speeds already stated. No change while using either 
brake. This leads me to believe it has something to do with the drive line 
(clutch, chain, sprockets, wheel, etc.) or possibly the transmission.

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      Stupid question, but are you tuning the adjustment screws on "both" 
sides of the bike?

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        Ok, I may be way off, but maybe something I say may be a brain 

        When new, my bike had a BAD front end shimmy when decelerating from 
70 to 45. The guys at the stealership who did final assembly checked it and 
said they didn't torque the front whell to speck and it was loose.

        As far as the chain goes, what first comes to mind is to have its 
alignment checked at a shop. The front centerline may be different than the 
rear. causing it to sit out more on one end. that would affect it's overall 
tightness, it would be looser on either the left or right side of a 
sprocket. I say go to the dealer and have it checked. Perhaps they can tell 
you what is wrong. In that case ask how much to fix and upon their answer, 
say you're gonna have to go work out some finances cause things are kinda 
tight right now, more than you anticipated, yadda yadaa. Then go home and 
fix it and silently thank them for the free diagnostic. This has worked for 
me for years on cars.

        Unrelated to your problem, when I was breaking my clutch free 
yesterday I just threw a seat on the holes in back real quick. Didn't check 
to make sure it was on right in the front. Now my seat won't come off. Any 


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        > I'm having mechanical issues right now and it's confusing the hell 
out of me. For starters it has a vibration that started happening around 
65mph, now it's worked it's way down to 40mph. So something's getting worse. 
The other issue I'm having (which could be the root cause) is that when I 
set my chain tension, the left alignment tab is moving aft about 1/4 notch 
while the right doesn't move at all. The real confusing part is, that 
despite the axel moving aft, my chain tension is becoming more and more 
slack. I haven't pulled the chain yet to check the length on it, but I don't 
think the chain has more than 10k on it. The chain is getting loose enough 
that it's running along the chain guard on the top of the swing arm and 
leaving black plastic flakes all over my left pipe. I'm a bit paranoid to 
ride it long distances in it's condition. Any ideas? I'm tightening the rear 
axle bolts to 80 lb/ft as stated in my manual so I know that's not the 

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