Issues! HELP!

Randolph Peters arpee44 at
Sat May 23 13:47:13 PDT 2009

Hi Guy,
I had a somewhat similar incident a short while back.  
My bike is a ZZR 1200 but I just checked the Ronayers microfiche and the assemblies are similar.
It happened after I re-assembled my rear wheel after taking it to have it re-balanced when a weight fell off.
What is definitely similar is the fact that the adjusters were completely whack. No way was it possible to tighten the chain and have the adjusters equally aligned. Also there was that grinding grating sound as I rode the bike which kept getting worse and worse and increased on deceleration. I didn't therefore ride the bike more than about 10 miles.
I disassembled and discovered that I had reversed the alignment of spacer 42036 which goes behind the sprocket carrier (you did not mention this one at all in your list of re-assembly parts).
What was being ground away was the inner surface of the left (chain) side of the swing arm.
I had to replace the swing arm (lucked out on a good one on Ebay for $35) and buy new spacers and other parts for the left side of the assembly.
I would therefore advise that you disassemble and check parts before ordering chain/sprocket.
Randy in New Orleans.

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Ok, maybe I'm a little slow today, or it's just because I'm new to this chain thing, but what is MAW? and what is a DID 530VM chain? is that different than a standard chain?

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