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The sprocket hub has one bearing.  The wheel has two.  A spacer goes between 
the sprocket hub bearing and the left-hand wheel bearing.  It can and often 
will fall out when you separate the sprocket hub from the wheel to access 
the drive cushions.  If you leave it out when reassembling, you'll see extra 
exposed thread outboard of the axle nut and it will be difficult to get 
enough torque on the nut.  I did this once.  I thought it was odd that it 
was taking so long to tighten and then saw the spacer on the floor... DOH!

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> Isn't this set between two bearings inside the sprocket carrier? If it is, 
> then it would not have come out as I didn't remove any bearings. If it's 
> not, then it either didn't fall out or was not there to begin with. Also, 
> I ended up ordering front and rear sprockets and a new chain. I'll double 
> check the spacer in question when I put the new chain and sprockets on. My 
> main concern was the orientation of the other two spacers and the fact 
> that everything is reversed from the diagram.
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>> Hi, Just had a look at the diagram I've attached which is from the 
>> Kawasaki
>> site. Looks like its wrong as I had mine off today to replace the cush
>> drive.
>> The spacer at the bottom of the diagram 92143 should fit between the 
>> wheel
>> assembly and the rear brake calliper bracket, with the larger shoulder
>> against the calliper bracket. 2nd the comment about you not mentioning 
>> the
>> spacer 42036 in the sprocket carrier.
>> Cheers
>> Steve
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>> Ok, maybe I'm a little slow today, or it's just because I'm new to this
>> chain thing, but what is MAW? and what is a DID 530VM chain? is that
>> different than a standard chain?

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