cam tensioner

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Sat May 23 19:50:30 PDT 2009

Pull the sparkplugs and turn it with a socket on the left-hand side of the 
crank, or do like me and stick it in a high gear and turn the back wheel...

Paul in Ohio
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I finally found some time to tackle my GPZ issues over the weekend. I'll 
start with the cam tensioner but I'm not sure what I'm looking for. I have 
read thru the manual and think I can handle most of the procedure with the 
exception of the step that states. " Turn the crankshaft 2 turns counter 
clockwise to allow the tensioner to expand "
how do I do this ? and if I don't know this then is this a job that maybe I 
shouldn't try ? thanks for any advice---bill m-----
I've been on the Sabre V65 and having a blast and almost forgot about the 
GPZ = ]

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