Question for you Ohio and West Virginia natives

coldinvt at coldinvt at
Mon May 25 14:22:51 PDT 2009

Wow, Pete!  Good for you!  I haven't been out of Vermont yet this year (on
the bike).

I seem to remember seeing those thingies in CT trees back in the 80s when
we were dealing with a rapidly-expanding tent caterpillar population that
was killin' the treez.


>   Just got back from a loop down to Deals gap, Georgia and back thru KY
> and
> OH\WV  - so many roads so little time...
> I found myself on a Ohio road we were on last year quite by accident I
> came
> in from a different direction and had a Deja vu feeling before realizing
> it
> was a spot i had taken a pic of last year. Got to check out some nice new
> roads with the help of GPS this time..
>  Question for you Ohio and West Virginia natives-  what the hell are these
> things hanging in the trees?

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