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Jonathon Jay annihilator1100 at hotmail.com
Fri May 29 03:22:14 PDT 2009

It's late at night and I can't sleep. Do you all remember my e mail a couple of weeks ago regarding what I thought was a stuck clutch?

Perhaps someone can answer this:

The rear wheel would not turn with the clutch lever released out.

When I pulled the clutch lever in, the rear wheel would spin no problem.

If this was a stuck clutch would the position of the lever being pulled in or out even matter?


I'm starting to think that I had a stuck piston ring. Am I wrong? I got whatever it was unstuck by pulling the bike with my truck at 5-10 mph and repeatedly releasing the clutch lever. Now I'm worried I may have snapped a piston ring.

Please someone explain to me how these assemblies work in relation to turning the rear wheel. I really hope it wasn't an internal engine thing, but if it was, perhaps the 15 or 20 releases on the lever is what it needed and I didn't break something?


Input please, so I can sleep better.



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