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Sat May 30 11:21:18 PDT 2009

that would be mine... I do have a full system jardine exhaust that came off this bike too, but don't think it'll fit the 83-84.  there are a few on ebay tho that will fit.

amazingly, i posted this ad last sunday, and within 12 hours had sold it.  over the phone, the guy committed to buy if i was willing to come off my 3k price.

i was thinking 2700 was my target.  my weekend priority became riding my new C-14, and this guy had to work, so he comes to see it on Tuesday evening, and it really needs tires - and that's really all - until i realize i've managed to completely grind off the pads on the left front brake, down to metal on metal, and the rotor is half the thickness of the right.  holy crap.  i obviously can't (and wouldn't) sell in this condition - perhaps some of you saw my note regarding anyone have any rotors laying around.  i thought long and hard about putting used brakes on a bike, but found a pair on ebay for $75 (was very tempted to go with some wave rotors out of hong kong for $150), ordered a new set of tires and will be putting it all together next week.

i put the black windscreen back on as it does look way better than the stock clear one.

man, the stock set up rides so much differently than corbin + LSL + ZRX set up...

for what it's worth, the 1 mod I didn't go back on was the race tech front springs plus cartridge emulators.  that alone makes for a very positive ride feel in the front.  i'm sure new rubber will make it better.

next week, if the guy who was committed to buy still wants it, it'll go perhaps, and if it doesn't i'll go back to my 3k price and see what happens.  i'm for once in a fortunate position of not having to sell the bike, so if i end up with a "spare", well, we'll just say that it was "meant to be".

My experience on selling with Criagslist:
1. price it right and be honest about your listing and you'll get responses
2. scams are there.  had one guy do the "cashiers check, shipper, blah blah" scam right off the bat - i'll send out the mail i got in case you want to see how these schmucks operate
3. had a call the other day saying "i need to buy a bike tonight" - and when i called him back the next day he paused... said he bought one last night - for which i congratulated him.  I still can't think of being in a position of being "required" to buy right now.  i mean, yes, i can totally relate to compulsive behavior, but dude...
4. when a guy says meet me half way, my wife won't drive me that far to buy something she's totally against - i can choose not to participate in someone else's misery...

in the meantime, my son says he wants to go for a long ride today on the new bike, so I guess I'll have to tend to that "father / son" activity for the day.  i know, tough life, but someone's gotta live it...

andy b
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> Subject: A few parts
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> Date: Saturday, May 30, 2009, 10:34 AM
> Anyone out there have an aftermarket
> 4-1 of some kind for 
> The '83-84 A1/A2 GPz and/or an undented gas tank for the
> same creature?
> Don't care about color on the tank.  I'm getting ready
> to paint, and I have
> a few dents in my tank.  I have been weighing the
> difference between
> fighting w/ the dents and bondo sanding and paying someone
> for an
> already-smooth tank.  Smooth tank wins, hands down if
> anybody has one. 
> Also if someone has a set of those dual headlights lying
> around, I would
> love to suck those up as well.  
> BTW- . a black '96 on Sacramento Craigslist. $3k


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