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I've sold a lot of vehicles and "stuff" on Craig's List and ebay both.
There ARE a lot of flakes and scammers out there but once you detect them
and ignore them both venues work for me.  Let's see vehicles sold on Craig's
List are....

75 Honda 750F
78 Honda 750F
88 Kawasaki ZX10
72 Norton Dunstall Commando
03 Honda CBR600RR

...those were sold either in San Jose, CA or Boulder, CO but all of them
sold in less than a month.  You have to price right and put decent pics and
descriptions in and you usually find a buyer quickly.

Your mileage may vary however,


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I've sold a pickup truck and a car on Craig's list. The truck sold in a
couple weeks, but the car took several months.

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My experience was that selling a motorcycle on craigslist is not an easy
thing but I did not get any scammers. I sold a nearly brand new Yamaha TT125
but it took a few months. The scams from my EBay posting was ridiculous and
numerous with the worst being I'll give you $500 for it even tho the
dirtbike was listed at $1700 if you deliver it to me @ 200 miles away. I
e-mailed and asked if that was $500 down and balance due on delivery and his
reply was "are you trying to be funny?"
I did get $1700 from a craigslist ad which I thought was a fair price but
have listed numerous items and have yet to sell a thing on Craigslist ,
other than the dirtbike.

> My experience on selling with Criagslist:
> 1. price it right and be honest about your listing and you'll get
> 2. scams are there.  had one guy do the "cashiers check, shipper, 
> blah blah" scam right off the bat - i'll send out the mail i got in 
> case you want to see how these schmucks operate
> 3. had a call the other day saying "i need to buy a bike tonight" - 
> and when i called him back the next day he paused... said he bought 
> one last night - for which i congratulated him.  I still can't 
> think of being in a position of being "required" to buy right now.  
> i mean, yes, i can totally relate to compulsive behavior, but 
> dude...
> 4. when a guy says meet me half way, my wife won't drive me that 
> far to buy something she's totally against - i can choose not to 
> participate in someone else's misery...
> in the meantime, my son says he wants to go for a long ride today 
> on the new bike, so I guess I'll have to tend to that "father / 
> son" activity for the day.  i know, tough life, but someone's gotta 
> live it...
> andy b
> this is where i get to list my collection of obsessions?
> '09 Concours 14 (black of course)
> '96 GPz1100
> '03 XR250
> '02 XR70 - ok, it's my son's - but I paid for it!
> '82 Hobie 16 - wait, that'd be a sail boat...
> '60 New Yorker - aka the wiser half...
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> > Anyone out there have an aftermarket
> > 4-1 of some kind for The '83-84 A1/A2 GPz and/or an undented gas tank
for the
> > same creature?
> >
> > Don't care about color on the tank.  I'm getting ready
> > to paint, and I have
> > a few dents in my tank.  I have been weighing the
> > difference between
> > fighting w/ the dents and bondo sanding and paying someone
> > for an
> > already-smooth tank.  Smooth tank wins, hands down if
> > anybody has one. Also if someone has a set of those dual headlights
> > around, I would
> > love to suck those up as well.  BTW- . a black '96 on Sacramento 
> > Craigslist. $3k
> >
> >
> >
> >
> >


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